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By Jasmine Kent

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LoveJas Media has a key mission: To advocate for diversity and inclusion within the Entertainment industry through discussions, programs, and initiatives to support people of color’s growth at the executive level. Building programs and initiatives focused on diversity and inclusion take three things to be successful:


What many people of color lack in the industry is true advocates for their careers. LoveJas Media works to foster community between people of color and allies to have clear discussions about career goals with developing strategies for success.


There needs to be a fearless conversation about race in Hollywood and the contribution people of color contribute to media and culture. LoveJas Media leads 2-way conversations that help grow the Entertainment industry. to provide Entertainment companies with recommendations


The change in Hollywood will not happen overnight. LoveJas Media has a commitment to diversity and inclusion for the long term, committed to evolving as we learn more about one another.


Create with the heart;

build with the MinD

If the gatekeepers have never met someone like you, they can't understand the value you offer. LoveJas Media empowers visionaries to tell their stories through culturally focused services including:

Public Relations/ Marketing Consulting

Brand Strategy

Event Production

Production Management

Public Relations and Marketing consultant, Writer, Culture Connoisseur, and fan of all things Film and TV, Jasmine Kent is an advocate for the creative community.  Jasmine Kent is the Entertainment Chair of Los Angeles Urban League Young Professionals and a board member of BPRS-LA.


The rundown

Los Angeles Urban League Young Professionals

QuarterMain Media

United Entertainment Group


Hollywood and Highland Center

PRSA: The Edge

Press Kitchen

Wolf 1834

Humane Society International

Four Seasons Hotel Washington, DC

Destination DC

Pivot Point Communications

Generation Hope



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