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LoveJas Media

Jasmine Kent, Founder & CEO

Jasmine Kent, LoveJas Media

I’m a writer, speaker, and marketing consultant passionate about diversity & inclusion initiatives and the conscious culture design of Hollywood and global media. I love to work with creative entrepreneurs, filmmakers, arts organizations, and small businesses to build marketing strategies that authentically reach audiences of color.

Currently, Hollywood does not reflect the diversity within melanated groups nor do they honor their influence on culture. Understanding that diversity isn’t just skin color but the way individuals think, LoveJas Media works to share unique points of view and experiences to reach new audiences.  

Rooted in an intersectional study of Hollywood's influence on culture, LoveJas Media uses principles of communication, cross-cultural competency, new media literacy, and anthropology to encourage storytelling through various media platforms and communicating effectively within them.

I hope that by 2023, the impact of diverse and authentic stories are accepted as a gift and audiences commit to preserving and building upon on them to create an inclusive society.


Build with the mind;

Create with the heart

If the gatekeepers have never met someone like you, they can't understand the value you offer. LoveJas Media empowers visionaries to tell their stories through culturally focused services.

Jasmine is the Entertainment Chair of Los Angeles Urban League Young Professionals and a board member of BPRS-LA.