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MIMH: Ava Duvernay's Wrinkle in Time

I finally saw A Wrinkle In Time. I did not read the book and I don’t usually get super excited to watch sci-fi films but this time, nothing was going to stop me from seeing the first $100 million dollar film by a black woman. By the time I got a chance to watch, the reviews weren’t as positive as expected, To be honest, I didn’t even read them as I categorized them internally as hateration and unequivocal comparisons to Black Panther.

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MIMH: Mara Brock Akil

A mentor in Hollywood is hard to come across, so thank you for being a mentor in my head. I decided to write these interviews as a simple exercise to think about what needs to be asked from someone who wants to “make it in Hollywood” but then I realized how exciting it would be if the question got answered. But first, Thank you for Moesha, Fancy, Joan Clayton, and Mary Jane Paul -- these ladies were often the big sister’s I always wanted and needed to learn from.

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