Storytelling through Music

An ode to My Obsession with Music and Film


Guava Island - Childish Gambino

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I wasn’t expecting to fall this hard for Guava Island. Besides the music, the overall message of what society prides was beautifully realized. The turning point where I actually understood where things were going was during the This is America performance, and because I wasn’t at Coachella, I don’t know what upfront CG gave about the film. I was curious right away, was the film animated all the way through? We say pictures of Donald Glover and Rihanna on set so can’t be. Needless to say, the animated overture was the perfect preamble to the love story about to unfold. The animation was colorful and felt very appropriately island. Note: I’ll be writing about Kofi’s beautiful, silk, royal blue Celebration of Life outfit on another post (maybe).

Emotion Picture - Jenelle Monáe

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I don’t know the last time I listened to a solid body fo work on repeat. I loved Emotion Picture, the storyline, the afro-futuristic motifs, the beautiful love story that unfolded between Janelle, Tessa, and the male figure. Emotion Picture took us through a journey of love that feels unattainable in todays age due to society norms, pressures, and appearances. Emotion Picture and Dirty Computer were two separate bodies of work, but complimented each other in a way only Ms. Monáe could create.

When I Get Home - Solange

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I love the album, another I can play on repeat. Solange can do no wrong in my eyes. I love her grainy, home video but carefully produced aesthetic. She takes time with her work but doesn’t over think it. The interlude between Way to the Show and Stay Flo (two of my favorite tracks) confirmed our sisterhood through her words spoken rejecting a singular manifestation of self. I always love a good piece of work that pays homage to the Black Church and our relationship with spirituality. This film was very Texas but was reflective of many Black communities, traditions, and generations of love and pride.

Lemonade - Beyonce

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Queen should not be so far down on the list but Lemonade came out in 2016 and I write this fully anticipating the release of Homecoming on Netflix this Wednesday.

Trust, Bey will bless us with music on her own time. Maybe, we’ll get a surprise album with the drop of Homecoming since the film is a piece about her Black ass Coachella 2018 performance. All I know is Bey is spending time with the kids, making music with the love of her life, basking in her success, and recording behind our backs. She’ll give us new music when she’s got damn ready!

Trip - Jhene Aiko

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Overall, Trip spoke to me as someone who took years to handle grief of a loved one. Trip was a call for healing and love directed by one of my faves Ms. Tracy Oliver. Guava Island and Trip had that same animation vibe but on Trip you can tell Penny watches Broad City, and anything Broad City/ Tina Fey inspired is my fave.