Nostalgia in Hollywood

Originally published on on February 22, 2018


Fashion has always appreciated the art of Nostalgia. It seems like every decade has had a fashion comeback and the entertainment industry is piggybacking off of what that success looks like.

Nostalgia in Hollywood feels good because we’re connecting younger audiences with the things us ‘80 and ‘90 babies loved, while getting that same feel of excitement we once felt when consuming the product or content that has now regained popularity. But the stakes are high for success… these shows/ movies need to do great or the backlash could be significant.

Netflix has mastered the art and science of content, even with so-so ratings on Fuller House. Some people love it, some people hate it. Rotten Tomatoes’ Audience score for all three seasons had an average rating of 72.66% after its critics didn’t even bother to rate the show after the first seasons score of 32%. Netflix has mastered learning what their audience want through data and have created classics like House of Cards(*96%), Grace and Frankie(*85%), Stranger Things(*95%), Narcos(*94%).

Broadcast networks are doing great at creating fan favorite shows but not enough to keep a solid audience on the network for more than the 30 minute/ 1 hour spot. ABC has done a fantastic job with developing characters in Black-ish, and creating spin-off for a younger audience, Grown-ish (FreeForm), to keep the content fresh. This Is Us, Modern Family, almost every broadcast networks has their hit.

Do we need another Terminator film? Jumanji? Probably not the same IP or storyline but creators should feel free to take the same themes and make them fresh.

I understand, reboots are fantastic business-wise since there is an established fanbase. The tried and true is almost always a sure bet for success. Broadcasters and streaming platforms alike are looking for proven titles to reboot to cut through a crowded landscape that is approaching 500+ originals. However, in the long term the people will catch on to the laziness of the lack of effort and creativity in producing new content that resonates with life in 2018.  The excitement will fade -- I mean really, they’re teasing a Martin reboot with no Tommy. How?

*Rotten Tomatoes first season Audience Score