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I Love Podcasts!

Podcasts have been around for sometime now, but I really just started getting into them in 2017. So now, I think I’ve got a handle on all the best podcast for the black girl working in entertainment who needs both self care and a good laugh. I literally have a podcast to listen to everyday of the week! Note: There are six listed below because I usually listen to a church sermon on Sundays. Podcast are so important to me now, I’m thinking about starting my own in 2019.

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September Loves Black Women

It's a reason why Fall is one of our favorite seasons, and it's not just because we can comfortably layer our clothes without bundling up for snow. Similar to the feeling we get in January with our new year resolutions, September marks that back-to-school, start of a new cycle feeling where a lot of people focus on ending the year strong. It's a period of reinvention, so does that mean the influx of black women on magazines this September is a prelude to a reinvention in fashion, honoring black women? 

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