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I Love Podcasts!

Podcasts have been around for sometime now, but I really just started getting into them in 2017. So now, I think I’ve got a handle on all the best podcast for the black girl working in entertainment who needs both self care and a good laugh. I literally have a podcast to listen to everyday of the week! Note: There are six listed below because I usually listen to a church sermon on Sundays. Podcast are so important to me now, I’m thinking about starting my own in 2019.

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Kurlz on Film: A Journey to Acceptance

I’ve been fully natural for about two years. Surprisingly, accepting my 4C hair wasn’t much of a challenge for me other than getting my moisture levels right. Thankfully, I knew my hair texture going into it, and knew I’d need to spend a little extra time to make it acceptable for the world.

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