The Rom-Com is Back

Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky are this years Jack and Rose

Lara Jean Covey - To all the boys i've loved before

. To All The Boys I've Loved Before is the rom-com we didn't know we needed, based off of Jenny Han's book of the same name. A fresh take on high school drama and romance, To All the Boys I've Loved Before is the story of Lara Jean Covey and her love of romance -- albeit in the form of novels and the five letters she wrote to her crushes. 

We're introduced to LJ, her two sisters, and father in the beginning scenes as Margot, her older sister heads off to college. This is a struggle for the family as Margot has taken the place of her mom, who died when LJ was about 10.  As Margot leaves for college, she breaks up with her boyfriend, Josh, and leaves LJ to be the mother- figure of the house. We learn she's not yet prepared. 

The fun thing about LJ is her innocent wit. She smart, charming, and is obsessed with romance novels but has never had a boyfriend -- we later learn it's a coping mechanism stemming from her moms death. Over the years, she's had five crushes including Josh (her sister's boyfriend) and Peter Kavinsky (her ex-bff Gen's bf). She writes each of crush a love letter, that is never sent but stored in a box given to her by her mother.

We abruptly cut to a scene where Peter Kavinsky approaches Lara about the letter, letting her know things are weird between him and Gen so he doesn't know how to handle the confession in the letter. Lara faints; he isn't suppose to have the letter. As soon as she regains consciousness, she sees Josh approaching her with a letter in his hand and kisses Peter to save face. 

As we continue through the story, LJ and Peter make a pact to have a fake relationship, making Gen jealous and Josh confused. It wouldn't be a rom-com if they didn't fall in love and Margot returns and finds out that her ex-boyfriend was sent a love letter, now would it?

To All The Boys I've Loved Before left me feeling warm and tingly inside. In a matter of an hour, we were able to see LJ grow as a young adult and find her own true romance, while also finding her voice off of the pages of her notebook.

The story was well-written on what looks like to be a modest budget without sacrificing quality and the diverse cast played well with each other, although Josh's character seemed to over-act a bit. 

I give it an A-