Hacking LoveJas: Productivity and Time Management

Photo by  Mpho Mojapelo  on  Unsplash

So I’m about 3-months into this solopreneur journey and it’s been a whirlwind. I’ve had to figure out systems for project management, financial matters, legal matters and don’t get me started on insurances. There are so many apps out there for productivity, but to be honest, shawdy is low key overwhelmed by the options. I’m interested to learn what other entrepreneurs and small teams use (leave your favorite tools in the comments) but for now, I’ll share some of my favorites:


I’ve been using Hootsuite FOREVER. And when I say forever, before Instagram was even a real thing. When I say forever, I mean I was Hootsuite Certified circa 2013. I currently use Hootsuite for Facebook, sometimes Twitter, but primarily for Instagram. Hootsuite saves SO much time because I don’t have to remember to get on Instagram to post, thus I’m not stuck on Instagram looking through everybody’s feed.

There are so many Social Media productivity apps to schedule and view how your Instagram feed will look with new posts but I like to keep things simple and straight forward with Hootsuite. Recent trends have noticed that Instagram audiences are less interested in a curated feed to a more authentic approach. Hootsuite is good for scheduling authentically as I am more focused on the story I’m telling by the order of my post rather than how it “looks”.


If you don’t set boundaries around your time, who will? The Do Not Disturb feature on iPhone has been heaven sent when I need to put my head down and focus on writing, editing, or finishing up a project deadline.


So I have this thing: If it’s not on my calendar, it doesn’t happen. I even schedule time in my calendar for “Work” and Asana helps me organize my long list of To-Do’s so I can schedule the appropriate block of time. Asana is my go-to to organize all of the elements of LoveJas Media and client projects with specific due dates, project status, notes, and reminders of upcoming tasks. I really like the function to make task reoccurring, so once a task is mark “Complete” for a due date #1, the task automatically is back on your to-do list with a new due date. I set little reminders down the line for myself like remembering to start planning for Fellowship applications in October or re-activate LinkedIn Premium in December.

I still use the free version but as LoveJas Media scales I’m interested in the premium perks! Let me know your thoughts on Asana Premium!


Essentially a To-Do List for the week that works hand in hand with Asana. In the beginning of each week, I map out what needs to be done and how much time should be allocated. The catch is: I schedule time for me! That means I’m intentionally giving myself time for rest, time to binge watch my shows, and allocating time for my friends. Below is a snapshot of a typical week for me.

I’m sharing the Beta Version of the Work | Life Balance Sheet FREE for 2 months and invite readers to give me feedback right here on this post and don’t forget to share your favorite productivity tools for Time Management, Social Media and Biz Dev.